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You have the power to make Philadelphia more vibrant, our children more engaged in the arts, and your own Kimmel Center experience richer. What role will you play?

Comprehensive Campaign

Contributions to our Comprehensive Campaign support the preservation of our iconic buildings, ensuring that we can maintain world-class facilities for Philadelphia’s premier performing arts organizations while improving the patron experience and expanding audience reach and diversity. Your collaboration to support these efforts strengthens our vital arts ecology today, tomorrow, and forever.

Corporate Support

Corporate donors are part of the art! Learn more about how your company can gain special access to tickets and hospitality, recognition with a distinctive audience, and great employee benefits. Corporate Sponsorship packages provide opportunities for elegant client entertainment, sophisticated marketing and branding, and community partnership.

Planned Giving

Members of the Honickman Family Society set an inspirational example of support for the Kimmel Center through their charitable gift plans.

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